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The property market is booming right now so it’s a great time to start investing! But where do you start?
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We have been investing in property for over a decade, and we want to help you get on the right track. We have developed our own proprietary formula that is proven to lead to successful property investment!

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You deserve more than just a house; you should be building wealth as well. Let’s make it happen together!

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We pride ourselves in being experts in delivering property investment strategies for our clients. We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the drive to succeed. We are in this for the long haul, and we will deliver.

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The Benefits Of Investing In Property

Property investment is a great way to grow your wealth! Property appreciation and low volatility can help you build up an asset base. You also get consistent, predictable income from rents on the properties you own.

Capital Appreciation

If the last 45 years is anything to go by, investment property can be a good tactic to consistently produce high capital growth. All Australian capital cities have shown an almost 10% capital growth compounded yearly over the last 25 years.

Tax Benefits

Owning property offers significant tax advantages, especially for investment properties. Interest and expenses to do with maintaining your property are all tax deductible and there is significant depreciation advantages also.

Safer Investment

Historically, investment property has grown at similar rates to that of the share market however, without the huge swings and volatility. If your hunger for risk is low, then an investment property may be the solution.

Income Generation

Investment properties generate income via leasing to tenants. Right now with mortgage rates low it’s a perfect time to invest. It’s even possible for the property to completely pay for itself.

You're in Control

This is an investment that is completely in your control. By simply adding a touch of paint or doing some minor renovations to fix the place up, you could appreciate the value of the property which instantly translates into an increase in your property’s capital value.

Lower Interest Rate

The low interest rate environment offered by financial institutions has now made it easier than ever before to own an investment property.

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Member Success Stories

We’ve helped generate $4 million for Australian property portfolios. That’s why we’re here, and that is our promise to you – your success!

Brought 2 investment properties in 2 months

Paul, Management Consultant

When Paul first joined Hera, he had a huge passion to work for a Not For Profit Business,
but was stuck in a high paying corporate job.

With our expert guidance, he quickly pivoted his focus to generating cash flow, which rapidly boosted his confidence to find an NFP job. He’s since purchased 2 investment properties with enough cash flow and is on his way to replacing his high paying corporate job so he can work for the dream NFP.

From Negatively Gearing to Positive Cash flow in 4 months

Craig, CEO of an Tech Company

Before Craig joined Hera, his property portfolio was costing him a lot of money. It was growing – but slowly. He had no strategy, and were blissfully unaware of the deficiencies within his portfolio.

Fast-forward 4 months, and Craig has flipped his portfolio into paying him instead. He has purchased 2 high cashflow properties and refinanced across his portfolio so he could better align with his new goal of only working a 3 day week. He now has the tools, structure and confidence to take control of his portfolio and drive it towards only working when he wants.

We know we can get success for you!

But, Don’t just take our word for it. Read some of our recent client reviews…

We recently engaged Hera Property Management to manage our entire property portfolio and have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of service. Hera is an integral member of our property investing team and they take care of all the routine and non-routine management requirements which now enables us to focus more on growing our portfolio.

Ivan Devcic

Dax at Hera Property management has been a wealth of knowledge and valuable information for us as we have entered the property market and made plans to build our own home. He has gone above and beyond with his service, professionalism and time. Thank you so much Dax we will absolutely be using your service again and would not hesitate to recommend Hera Property Management to make well informed decisions about property investment.

Tania Haimon

I can’t speak highly enough of Dax Stanley of Hera Property Management. Dax has been so thorough, concise and full of amazing information to help me navigate entering the property market. Not only am I a first home buyer, but even more challenging first home builder. Dax was there immediately when I needed questions answered, particularly as we found our dream property and things had to move very quickly in order for me to submit a successful offer. Dax was very calm guiding me throughout the unknown process, giving me great confidence to negotiate and to secure the property for the price I was comfortable with. I will defiantly continue to utilise Dax at Hera Property Management as we move forward.

Joao Dujon Pereira

A ton of up-to-date, actionable market data and a straightforward strategy that I could immediately grasp as valuable. Thanks guys. Will be seeing you in the future.

Russell Price

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